Shake and Bake _”wh’re has’t thee been”

I have to say wow.. thank you for making it easy to be breezy. I mean for those that like to make a splif or load a bowl. I know it is old “sckool” yet talk about a nice combination. So you do not get to enjoy mother nature in her prime. Watching the colors on the bud with the leaves. The nice thing about this is having the alternative to skip the grinding. I mean yes the aromas are not in the experience with this buy but to have this on hand is a great go to. You can find it on Melrose @ Sweet Flower I do recommend them. The article over the dispensary is coming soon… One of the top 7 for sure. Ok More to come Sleep well wear your mask. Shake and Bake is eighth of sativa or indica mixed with keif. Keif is a more resin thc component extracted by shaking and over time it falls from the flower buds. The crystals carrie a higher dose so the kick is 39.46 THC% for the sativa and 31THC% for the indic both at 32 plus tax.

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