Sunshine OG – Super fluffy

Sunshine OG is Super fluffy and smells like an orange….. smokes like one as well. it was a heavy hit then fades. Hits with a citrus kick and has a sour after taste. Sativa based and the “Michigan Cut” of Sunshine and an Unknown OGSunshine OG  This strain is still work mode for those that want to be able to focus and yet still fell a like relief in the physical aspect. Here is a strain with a hint of wood and earth with a citrus sour after taste. Give it a thumbs up. a complex euphoria that is both cerebral, in a clear-headed fashion, and also quite physical with moderate sedation. Notes of musk and subdued citrus, with an earthy, floral finish. If you can smoke it it is “high” on the to smoke list. Productive strain.

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