Sativa _ New Review _ 76 Kush _ By Cypress Cannabis

Sativa New Review _
76 Kush By Cypress Cannabis
Found @ LAVC off Wilshire.
Reason- To have a Saturday of reflection to clean and reestablish foundation at home reboot day. I is a sativa. Note all strains will have a different effect. Sometime you think it will keep you up and it doesn’t so really you have to account your own body and chemistry. This will be the first time to try this strain… lets see…

This is at 23.29% THC No CBD

The look – Bud looks nice orange mixed with a dark green color
The Smell – Lemon Pine – Citrus –
The Taste – More wood. Less citrus Has more pine outdoor taste –
The Smoke
The High – Ok one hit it is a light up lifting. Having a high tolerance and at the price point this is a great surprise! This is without adding moonrocks, hash or kief… none needed. It is just right with the punch you can sace your toppers for later. I think this will get me to accomplish my goals for today. I have a long list of to dos and yet need this to help stay focused, not sad about my broken heart and my body is relaxed enough… but not so much I want to melt. This is more of a head high. Perfect for my mood today and I am ready to cross of things on the list and make these crazy dreams a reality. So this gets an A++++ first hit…. About 20 minutes later I am ready for another dose.

Side note: Pace is important depending on your reason to smoke. If it is done with medical intention, then I usually keep it in a my bong fridge as I like to use less for more. Pipes are harsh on you throat. Joint is a waste of good bud.

The Grade : 5 plus Stars *****

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