HASH_Review _ Fun Uncle

This is like adding whip cream to your ice cream. A+++
I have always found that for me, I concentrate more and feel
my head more relaxed when I add this to my bowl. All you do is mix a bit with your flower when you smoke it.
It is a blend that you will be having so if you have a strong indica this can balance the feeling.
I say do more research as each person reacts differently. Don’t Drive and make sure your of age!
You don’t snort it you place it on the bowl for those that do that thing. Ugh . Don’t snort anything.
So this is rated 100000000 To find it go to LAVC on Wilshire. Parking is horrible as they have construction.
Have to put on your Los Angeles hunt for meter and walk like a New Yorker. Some parking can be found on the east side of fairfax. They need a deal just for the inconvenience but what you gonna do? 20% if do you like 3 reviews for them. its kinda not worth it due to the time it took(rules are on the door if you do decide to do the deal)
Check out the dispensary section to learn more about the best places to go in the local area.

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