Sweet Flower on Melrose

Sweet Flower on Melrose has been there for around 2 years now and they totally get a 5 star +with us! When they were first opened I_BC_ had a chance to go in . The lady that greeted me took the time to show me around the dispensary. It was nice to have someone take the time to explain the thc, cbd and find exactly what I was looking for. I get the turn and burn places that you see around town, so it really depends on your mood to learn that day. Some dispensaries are more geared to educating the community and others speed is the factor due to the demand. Therefore any 1st timers, this is for sure a great place to start. I totally get just wanting to get the bud and bounce. So it is up to your mood. Now that the virus hit and the shut down started I have been doing curbside and their delivery and they still hold that 5 star +. They are community driven with their marketing with celebrate important holidays, fun merch. to joining with food trucks. They are a all around great dispensary and yes reliable! They are the consistency needed during the pandemic for me. With the quality of selection they carry to the customer service. They select a staff that also has great energy very personable. = hey have super high grade and also great deals. Super recommend to check out! I give them a for sure high high 5! Located on the main strip of Melrose west of The Dose Cafe_Fairfax.

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