Superman this is like nothing …Kryptochronic – Indoor Review

Indica review for late night unwind time bud great alternative to sleeping pills or fillers like supplements. Mother Nature wants you balanced and well In sync. The universe is mother nature.

Had high hopes with the name yet I was ready to move on and not impressed(.

The Bud look and Smell : Super Grass Super Does have a gas smell. the cat piss strain came to mind I am not sure if that even is around anymore I remember seeing it back in the day and was like wtf. But ya like some formaldehyde smell. Then the bud is super dry breaks like a rock. Alien Labs says lime smell and ya I could see that now.. hahaha…

The Smoke: Harsh as f. Burns like a bytch I mean I get some of that but i think this might have lots of chemicals it feels heavy in a bad way. I am going to dig deeper as I don’t want to give off my critical point and be totally off. Well I just looked it up and the strain that is mixed in is Jet Fuel.. well now that fn makes sense… hahahah Yep no wonder its wtf.

The High: Only good to make into a joint and smoke ur face off and melt not recommended for medication but for a mistake.

In the Know : So I was looking to melt and it is good to roll and smoke your face off with as for me I would not recommend for medication. This seems umf..Their site isn’t set up so who knows….. I say cool name all around and that worked on me For sure yet .. I wish i saw Jet fuel strain mix in this or I would for sure skip it and the bud is Super dry. Hummmm. I say 1 star on this one harvest and pass…. Yet Their Marketing is great! Package and Design.. Got me for sure WTF is Moon grown I kept looking then was like ugh wtf so yea they got me but the outside was not like the inside. Don’t let the looks fool you.

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