Stay@Home Sunday “Crescendo”day

Hello .. Sweet Sativa Sunday_

_ IN West Hollywood this strain…. Brings us to this wonderful Sunday high sweet delight. This is from THC Design known to wake you the f. up…and can be found up and down WEHO. If you go to their site you can punch in your zip and find it near you. They come from the place that I hold dear to my heart… Denver, Colorado. This bud is tested high in THC 30’s. It is to keep you up and alert. For sure it is a 5 out of 5. It costs. It is a 3 strain blend of Chem. Dawg- I-95 and Mandarin cookies. Worth the look the bud is a sweet bud.

The Bud look and Smell : It is a great citrus lemon / orange aroma that fills the room when you break apart the buds. The MJ breaks easy and you can see how the smell alone brings uplifting qualities. The white and orange hairs blend together and you can see the crystals in the flower. There is also sweet summer beach feeling with the aromas of the bud when you break it up. Weird.

The Smoke: This one hits you quick.”one hit wonder” bud. For those that are looking to have a Sunday writing their song or book this would be the strain to help you in focus and get the relief needed for that. This bud has a pine like after taste and totally give it a 5.

The High: Great alternative for those that like mother nature verse synthetic._ It hits you right away in the front part of your brain and clears out any of my head aches. I use this bud for M- F workday yet it is way more fun on a Sunday Creative day. _ as It is a cerebral high yet not analytical yet more like caffeine rush. _ I suggest not smoking as a joint thats how you get sloshed with this….. if you are wanting to be productive and using it as medicine_ If you want to Zone out the next article will be for you.

In the Know : The site THC Design the makers says it is known to be good for moods like “depression, anxiety and fatigue” … I have to say now that they mention it. ) _

I am feeling fn great. Maybe that is where the beach light like feeling is from? Like early beach weather in the 70’s type of bud… with the crisp wind breeze and sounds of seagulls. The 3 strains Chem. Dawg- I-95 and Mandarin cookies : broken down to: Chem Dawg_bringing in the cerebral kick with the body balance of the 50% 50% Split with I-95 : 70/ 30 sativa with the cookies. _

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