Medical Marijuana Buds

In this section we will outline some ailments and some strains that will help both psychologically and physically. However it is up to you to live consciously.

Understanding Sativa Strain

More of the mental focus weed. This strain will help you with day to day activities great for those that work from home. Painters, writers, coders and for those that have the day off and like to be active when medicated.

This is my most preferred strain during the day. Recently had Rose by Summer reserve. The look was awesome a great purple and impressive flower. The kick was to be in the 25%. So smooth I was not even aware of the kick. Working away on a days project and never groggy.

Jack Herer is one of most popular and well known sativa-dominant sativa/indica hybrid strain a classic and a must have for beginners to understand roots of a good strain. I see it is around but I will ave to do some more reviews before I can recommend anyone local yet but keep looking as I will update this with that info.



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